10 Interesting facts about the heart that you should know

How much do you know about a person’s heart? We are aware that the heart is essential to one’s survival and it is responsible for pumping blood throughout the body. But those are just the tip of the iceberg. The heart is a fascinating organ and there are many interesting things that make it a vital part of living.

#1 The first heartbeat can be heard at four weeks.

Thanks to technology, moms and dads can hear their baby’s heartbeat four weeks after conception. The doctor can use a Doppler or Ultrasound unit to help you listen to your baby’s heartbeat. It’s even possible to record your baby’s heartbeat and save it on a plush toy like a teddy bear. Isn’t that cute?

#2 The heart beats an average of 115,000 times a day.

Isn’t it incredible that the heart beats this many times in a single day? That’s equivalent to around 35 million heartbeats in a year. This makes the heart a very hardworking organ. Even when you’re resting, the muscles of your heart are working hard.

#3 The heart beats faster when you’re attracted to someone.

“Kapag tumibok ang puso
Wala ka nang magagawa kundi sundin ito”

You probably heard these iconic OPM lines from the song of Donna Cruz or if you’re a millennial, you might have listened to Janella Salvador’s version of it.

Does your heart beat faster whenever you see your crush or the person you love? Attraction triggers adrenaline and norepinephrine to kick in which makes your pulse race and your heart beat faster. The excitement and joy of seeing that special someone elicit a euphoric feeling which may actually be good for your heart health.

#4 A female human heart beats faster than a male human heart.

Who loves more intensely, a man or a woman? This question is not easy to answer since individuals have different ways of showing love. But did you know that the average heartbeat of a woman is around 8 beats a minute quicker than a man’s heartbeat? If love is measured in heartbeats, then women are likely to take the lead.

#5 The average adult heart is about the size of two hands clasped together.

As an adult, your heart is equivalent to the size of two hands clasped together. A kid’s heart is about the same size as one’s fist.

#6 A broken heart is real.

According to Mayo Clinic, Broken Heart Syndrome is a temporary heart condition linked to extreme emotions and stressful events. It may also be triggered by surgery or serious illness. The symptoms of Broken Heart Syndrome may imitate the symptoms of a heart attack including shortness of breath and chest pain. Persistent chest pains could be a sign of a heart attack so it’s highly advisable to seek immediate emergency care services.

#7 The heart is capable of beating on its own.

Believe it or not, the heart can beat on its own even without a brain or a body. Yes, you read it right, according to LiveScience, the heart can continue beating for a short time after being out of the body. Incredibly, the heart can go on with its function for a limited period after brain death. This is possible because the heart has its own electrical system called the cardiac conduction system that is responsible for beating and pumping blood.

#8 Each day, the heart pumps around 2,000 gallons of blood.

You may not be aware of it but every minute, the heart pumps 1.5 gallons of blood which is equivalent to 2,000 gallons each day. The heart may be a small organ but it can pump enough blood that can fill more than three tanker trucks during your average lifetime.

#9 Your heart can benefit from a good laugh.

You probably heard that “laughter is the best medicine” and it’s not far from the truth. Chronic stress can have a great impact on your health and increase the risk of heart disease. A good sense of humor is a good way to soothe tension and reduce stress. Go ahead and give this laughter medication a try.

#10 Heart disease is one of the leading causes of mortality in the Philippines.

According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), Ischaemic heart disease is one of the top three causes of death in the Philippines during the period of January to June of 2021. This is why it’s vital to take good care of your heart by embracing a heart-healthy lifestyle and choosing a high-quality healthcare plan.

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