Health Assure Plus Individual Plan

With a Medicare Plus Individual Plan, you can have a partner that will prepare and provide you with the financial capacity to spend for any unfortunate incident requiring emergency medical care and hospitalization. Now it’s time to get a HEALTHCARE that will help you prepare with Medicare Plus Plan. Contact our Medicare Plan Advisors at 0998 980 8440.

For as low as

P43 / Day

(exclusive of VAT)
Principal – Between 15 days and 65 years

Principal - Between 15 days and 65 years

In-Patient Benefits

Services of Physician, surgeon, including surgery

Room and Board according to type of plan

General nursing services Use of operating & recovery room,
anesthesia & its administration

Drugs and medications for use in the hospital

Oxygen and its administration

Dressing, plaster casts and other medical supplies

Laboratory test and other necessary diagnostic services

Transfusion of blood including blood elements

Standard Admission Kit

Confinement in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) up to Maximum Plan Limit

No admission deposit in any affiliated hospital

Out-Patient Benefits

A. Out-Patient Services

Consultations, including specialist’s evaluation

First aid treatment of injury or illness

Necessary x-ray and laboratory exams

Minor surgery not requiring confinement

Eye, ear, nose and throat care (EENT)

Emergency medicines for the immediate relief of symptoms

Pre-natal and post natal care

B. Annual Physical Examination

Review of medical history Physical Examination Chest X-Ray,

Urinalysis, Stool Analysis &

Complete Blood Count (CBC) ECG for all members 35 years old and above

Pap Smear for all female 35 years old and above

C. Preventive Health Care

Administration of vaccine

Consultation and advice on diet, exercise and other healthful habits

Family planning counseling

Wellness programs

Treatment of pain, lesions, wounds & burns

Unlimited Consultations


Principal Members

◾ Individuals in good health and doing normal activities with regular income

◾ Must be 15 days old to 65 years old at the time of application

For applicants 66 years old and above, medical report and/or physical exam is required.

For applicants who are minors, his guardian should sign for the applicant.

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