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The perfect time to be healthcare-prepared is today. If you’re uninsured or looking for better coverage, call us at 0998-980-8440 , 0908-814-5876.

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Healthcare that helps you prepare. If you’re uninsured or looking for better coverage, call us at 0998-980-8440 , 0908-814-5876
Ang pinakabago at mas affordable na prepaid emergency card para sa’yo!
Ang pinakabago at mas affordable na prepaid emergency card para sa’yo!

Why Choose Medicare Plus?


Healthcare Programs that will ensure a healthier and more productive life for you and your employees by providing superior quality Healthcare services


Ease the worries and burdens of your employees amidst the escalating medical costs with our healthcare programs created for this purpose.


Committed to innovation, we are working towards a near future where technology makes our healthcare programs more accessible in today’s digital normal.


Designed to be an important and affordable part of the package of benefits that your employees should enjoy, from consultations to comprehensive medical benefits such as out-patient benefits, in-patient benefits, preventive and emergency care.

Our Plans

We’ll make sure you’re protected.
Our high-quality, affordable health plans are designed to fit the budget of
the Filipino community. We’ll help you find the right plan that fits your budget
so you, your family, or employees are health secure.


How ‘chismis’ can be detrimental to your health

March 20, 2023

Let’s face it, many of us gossip. The gossip culture is deeply rooted among Pinoys. Whether young or old, rich or poor, male or female, Pinoys enjoy their share of juicy gossip.

Celebrate Women’s Health Month by Focusing on Self-care

March 16, 2023

Medicare Plus recognizes all the beautiful, smart, independent, courageous, hard-working, and inspiring women. March is International Women’s Month and we support women’s empowerment by practicing self-care.


We’ll make sure you’re protected.
Medicare Plus Inc. is a Health Maintenance Organization which is regulated by the Insurance Commission. A health maintenance organization (HMO) is a network or organization that provides health insurance coverage for a monthly or annual fee. Medicare Plus Inc. is not an Insurance Company.
Any Filipino citizen is eligible to apply for a health plan with Medicare Plus Inc.
Ages 15 days old to 65 years old can enroll for a health plan with Medicare Plus Inc. In case, You are not in the age bracket, you can contact our health plan agents at to discuss possible health plans that may be available to you.
You can search for accredited hospitals, clinics, or doctors at our Accredited providers’ Page.
Yes, members can pay with annual or semi-annual payment options.
Our Partners and Affiliations
Medicare Plus, Inc. is registered with the Insurance Commission
with license/registration number HMO-2020-23-R

Easy access health plan options for the Filipino community.
We know finding the right healthcare plan can be a complex and confusing task. Our health plan specialists are always here to help 24/7. Got more questions?