10 Ways to Overcome Monday Blues

Are you one of those people who wish there was a day between Saturday and Sunday so that you can have a longer weekend? Many of us love weekends because we all need time to relax, recharge, and spend quality time with people we cherish. No wonder we look forward to weekends but dread Mondays. 

A familiar low mood hits many of us as Sunday fades and realization sets in that it’s time to go back to work or school the following day. The thought of Monday can cause a significant decline in mood. Hence, the Monday blues. The term “Monday blues” is often used to describe negative feelings associated with the beginning of the week such as uneasiness, apprehension, incessant worrying, tension, sadness, and stress. 

Are Monday blues a real thing or just a popular catchword?

A 2020 study claims that Monday blues are real. Researchers analyzed the emotional well-being of employees in a typical work week and how their experiences unfold over the week. According to the results, employees are generally happier during weekends because they have the liberty to choose their activities, whereas they exhibited negative feelings at the start of the work week. The subjects anticipated the weekend and showed higher levels of positive mood during Friday afternoons while they displayed higher levels of negative mood on Sunday nights and Mondays. 

How can you beat the Monday blues?

Here are 10 tips to prevent that feeling of dread you usually get on Sunday afternoons and Mondays. With the right motivation and attitude, you can beat the Monday blues and start your week right.

1. Plan ahead on Sunday night

Make it a habit to prepare for Mondays so you won’t feel rushed and stressed in the morning. You can start by laying out your clothes, preparing your “baon”, and setting your alarm so you don’t have to scramble.

2. Get a good night's sleep

Focus on getting seven to eight hours of sleep so you can feel refreshed and energized on Monday morning. 

3. Eat a healthy breakfast

What better way to kickstart the week than a hearty and satisfying breakfast? This will give you the fuel you need to start your Monday right. Avoid sugary cereals or pastries, and opt for something more nutritious like oatmeal, eggs, or yogurt.

4. Get some exercise.

According to Mayo Clinic, staying active is a great way to improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and boost energy levels. Even on a busy day, try to squeeze in a short workout to produce “feel good” hormones that can help keep the blues away.

5. Listen to upbeat music

Did you know that music has the power to lift your spirits and get you motivated? Based on UW Health, listening to upbeat music can ease stress and boost your mood. Raise your energy by putting on your favorite playlist or listening to a motivational podcast on your way to work or school. 

6. Spend time with positive people

Surrounding yourself with positive people can help you have a positive outlook on life and drive away negativity. Make plans to meet up with friends or family members on Sunday to get a dose of positive vibes.

7. Do something you enjoy

Whether it’s reading a book, watching your favorite K-drama, taking a walk in nature, or eating at your favorite restaurant, taking some time for yourself will help you de-stress before the start of the week.

8. Set realistic goals for the week

Don’t try to do too much on a Monday. Start with a few small goals that you know you can achieve. This will help you feel accomplished and motivated for the rest of the week.

9. Take breaks throughout the day

Get up and move around, or go outside for a moment and enjoy the fresh air. Taking breaks will give you the hype you need to stay focused and productive.

10. Reward yourself for your accomplishments

When you achieve a goal or complete a big task, give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate your achievement. Doing so can motivate and encourage you to stay on track throughout the week. It doesn’t have to be grand as long as you take time to reflect on your win. It can be as simple as sharing the good news with people close to you or having a celebratory dinner with family or friends. Engaging in something that you enjoy but rarely have time to do is also a great way to reward yourself. 

Say Goodbye to Monday Blues

Monday blues can pull you down but don’t worry because these tips can help you go get around the negative feelings. Try doing some of these suggestions this week and discover how a positive outlook can transform your week from a dreary one into a cheerful week.

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