8 Wellness tips to get you back on track after the holidays

Hello, 2023! Are you happy to welcome the brand new year but regret abandoning your fitness routines and overindulging during the holidays? All those irresistible food and drinks, extended time off from work, late nights, and meet-ups with family and friends may have sidetracked you from your wellness goals. Just because you let things slide during the festive season doesn’t mean that all is lost. 

Don’t worry, here are some simple and easy ways to help you get back on track and feel on top of things in no time.

1. Clear out any unhealthy food

This is the perfect time to check your refrigerator and pantry for leftover food and unopened holiday treats (chocolates, cookies, cakes, junk food, etc). You can give them to family and friends or throw out the items that are about to spoil. 

“Sayang, itatago ko nalang muna.” If you keep up with this kind of mentality, those little treats will tempt you sooner or later. So might as well, clear them out and refill your ref and pantry with healthier options.

2. Start eating healthy again

It’s difficult to ignore the call of holiday spirit and this includes eating with family and friends. There should be no guilt or shame in joining the holiday vibe. What matters is that you can get back on track.

When the festive celebrations are over, don’t be too hard on yourself by skipping meals or going on a crash diet. Those options may seem like quick fixes to help you lose the excess weight you gained over the holidays, but they are not sustainable solutions. The best thing to do is to start eating nutritious meals again. Focus on a diet rich in fruits and vegetables to get the essential vitamins and minerals that you need. For a balanced diet, it’s also recommended to consume lean meat, whole grains, nuts, and beans.

3. Cut down on sugary treats

Another good way to usher in healthy eating this year is by cutting down on sugary treats. Chances are, you went overboard with different kinds of holiday desserts. There’s no use regretting eating kakanin, cookies, cakes, pastries, leche flan, and ice cream. Give yourself a break from sweets to help you get back on track. If you find yourself longing for something sweet, choose natural and healthier alternatives such as fresh fruits. For sweeteners, you can use honey or coconut sugar instead of white sugar.

4. Stay hydrated

If you drank a lot of alcohol during the Christmas break, you’re likely a bit dehydrated. It’s not something to be alarmed about. It’s recommended that you follow the “8×8” rule when it comes to drinking water. That means drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily.

5. Make an exercise routine comeback

It’s not necessary to go on intense workouts or double the intensity of your usual workout to make up for the time that you didn’t exercise. Just jump back to your exercise routine. Remember, consistency is the key!

6. Get more sleep

It’s normal for sleep schedules to be quite irregular after the holidays. Ease back to your regular sleep schedule to boost wellness. Lack of sleep can cause many potential health problems including a weakened immune system. Prevent health risks by keeping a regular sleep routine.

7. Select a buddy to help each other get back on track

It’s good to have a partner to keep you motivated in your wellness journey. Make sure your buddy knows your wellness goals and vice versa, so you can support each other. Work towards your goals and encourage one another.

8. Secure your health

What better way to kickstart wellness this 2023 than to get a health card? Protect yourself and your loved ones from medical emergencies by getting an ER Guard card. This emergency response card combines the benefits of quality healthcare and savings protection in times of medical emergencies.

Embrace a healthy 2023

Start the new year right by getting back on your wellness track after a holiday of indulgence starting by clearing out unhealthy food, eating healthy again, and cutting down on sweets. In addition, you can make a strong wellness comeback by staying hydrated, maintaining regular exercise, and getting more sleep. Last but not least, protect your family and loved ones from unexpected medical expenses with an ER Guard card.

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