How to stay fit during the holidays

With Christmas just around the corner, you can expect a lot of social functions with family, friends, and colleagues. Food takes center stage as the holiday season sets in. It’s so easy to forget your fitness goals and overindulge in delectable dishes. As Christmas draws near, it’s not a surprise that social events take over your calendar which can disrupt your healthy diet and exercise.

How can you stay fit with all the tempting food and hectic schedule? Here are some easy and simple ways to help you maintain your fitness during the merriest time of the year.

Stay active through creative ways

When holiday gatherings are left and right, don’t throw in the towel and forget all about fitness. Don’t worry, there are creative ways to squeeze in some exercises when you’re too busy for a full workout. Take the stairs when you’re at the office or if you live in a condo instead of the elevator. If you have a full-hour break, you can use a fraction of that time to get fresh air and walk around your office block. If you drive to work, consider parking a bit farther away than usual so you can walk more.

These simple and easy ways to stay active also help you avoid sitting for prolonged periods. According to Mayo Clinic, sitting for long periods can have an adverse impact on a person’s heart and spine health. You can combat these health issues by performing light activities like the ones mentioned earlier.

Eat sensibly and stay hydrated

How can you say no to puto bumbong, bibingka, and all those delicious holiday delicacies? It’s tough enough to control your appetite for sweets but what about lechon? Eating sensibly is a crucial part of staying fit but the struggle becomes more inevitable during the Christmas season. No worries because you don’t have to abstain from enjoying your favorite holiday dishes. Instead of depriving yourself, the best alternative is to eat smaller portions especially when it comes to higher-calorie dishes. It’s also recommended that you make other adjustments to maintain your daily caloric goals.

Did you know that the brain can sometimes confuse thirst with hunger? Drinking a large glass of water before eating can help you cut down on your food intake at the next Christmas get-together.

Exercise with a buddy

It’s so easy to put off a workout for another day when you’re the only one involved. If you have an exercise buddy, that person can motivate you to stick with your workout routine. Sign up for a fitness class together or set a common time to go brisk walking, jogging, or biking. There are many fun ways to stay active when you have an exercise buddy with similar fitness goals.

Make it a point to prioritize sleep

With calendars chock-full of social gatherings, maintaining healthy sleep habits during the holidays is a great challenge. Try to stick to your normal bedtime and wake-up hours. When you’re attending a holiday event or party, try to leave at a reasonable time. If you can’t help but stay late at night, squeeze in a nap in the afternoon if possible. Taking naps can give you energy and help you combat the fatigue that comes with the holiday season. If you stayed up late, it’s best to avoid sleeping in because this might make it difficult to get back on your sleeping schedule.

Embrace fitness throughout the year

Try these easy ways to stay fit during the Christmas season so that you can welcome the New Year with positive energy. After all, what better present to give yourself this Christmas than good health? This season of giving, check out our affordable health plans and give yourself and your loved ones the best kind of gift.

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