Top 3 reasons why women get healthcare

Women are the primary caregivers of the family, especially the children and elders. A lot of women in different parts of the globe take on the challenging task of maintaining the household and keeping a job. Others, juggle the responsibilities at home and the obligations of running a business.

The financial responsibility is often evenly distributed among men and women in the family. Despite their duty to provide financial support for the household, females still maintain a family-oriented mindset. With the significant roles that women play in the family and the community, it is important to safeguard their health and well-being.

Why do women need a medicare plan

1. Shining and doing more now than ever

In the past, cultural as well as social norms have hindered the successful participation of women in the labor market. But through the years, the female population found ways to work around these gender-related barriers and become a significant part of the workforce.

Women have penetrated male-dominated industries in this contemporary world. We now have female pilots, engineers, firefighters, security guards, police officers, soldiers, lawmakers, seafarers, construction workers, food delivery riders (e.g. FoodPanda, GrabFood), public utility vehicle drivers, and the list goes on. With more women taking on challenging and sometimes risky occupations, it’s important that they prioritize their health by getting health insurance.

2. Championing self-care and self-love

Self-care and self-love are crucial in women’s lives. Nurturers and caregivers by nature, women spend a lot of time and effort taking care of family members. Sometimes being over-busy makes them miss out on their own needs.

Taking care of oneself may not be as easy as it seems. Imagine waking up early in the morning to cook, tend to house chores, prep the kids for school, head off to work, get back home to take care of the family, help the kids with their homework, prep forbedtime, and the cycle continues. You might wonder, is there time for rest in between their busy schedules?

No matter how hectic life gets, it’s important to allot some time for yourself. Schedule a much-needed pampering break (book a beauty treatment/service, get a body massage, dine out with friends, watch a movie with your BFF, buy something nice for yourself,
etc.). This kind of break from your normal routine will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Remember, you fully deserve to relax and chill at times. When you’re calm and happy, it’s easier to handle stress and the challenges of day-to-day life.

Your physical well-being is as important as your mental health. Signing up for healthcare provides you with essential medical benefits and protects you from unexpected expenses.

3. Protecting the people you love

The most celebrated part of being a woman is motherhood. In the Philippines, mothers are fondly called the “ilaw ng tahanan” (light of the home). It’s such a fitting endearment considering that the mom is the prime nurturer of the family. She runs the home and takes care of the needs of the members of the family, especially the kids. The mother teaches the children the values that they carry with them as they grow old. She’s also a big contributor to the financial needs of the household.

The most important thing that probably every mother wants is the well-being of everyone in the family. What better way to ensure the health of the people you love than by getting a Medicare Plus family plan? Keeping one’s family safe and protected is high on every mom’s list of priorities.

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