Top Priorities that change when you become a Mom

There’s probably no job more diverse, challenging, inundating, and yet rewarding than being a mother. The roles that you fill once you become a mom are a game-changer. You realize that life is no longer just about ‘you’ and evolves to ‘you and them’. Motherhood changes your goals, perspectives, routines, and priorities. Here are the top things that change when you take on the role of being a mom.

Notion of time

Before being a mom, you only had to focus on yourself when getting ready. You take a bath, dry your hair, get dressed, and put your make-up on. You could probably be ready in less than an hour. Whipping up a quick breakfast used to be the norm and you’re out the door. But once you become a mom, you develop into a time-conscious individual because your routine becomes more complex. Your daily routine now includes bathing the kids, getting them dressed, fixing their hair, making the kids’ breakfast, feeding them, packing their snacks, and bringing the young ones to school. Somewhere in between all that, you find a short window so you can get ready too. You eventually develop a habit of squeezing all those tasks in the morning but sometimes things don’t go as planned. On a not-so-good day, things may get challenging especially when the kids develop a tantrum and you struggle to get them ready in time. This is just the morning scenario. The evening is a whole new ball game. When you become a mom, your sense of time takes a 360° turn.

Financial responsibilities

Before having kids, you probably didn’t think twice about buying that designer bag. Your peg was, “deserve ko ‘to”. After all, you worked hard for the money and it was only fitting that you reward yourself. Once you have children, you learn to become more responsible with your money. You learn the importance of budgeting and finding ways to stretch your money to keep up with the expanding cost of maintaining a home and raising kids. Another valuable thing that you learn is how to track your expenses so you can picture your monthly spending. This way you can identify where you need to cut back so you can still save.

Healthier choices

Motherhood gently pushes you to make healthier choices for yourself and your family. You realize that health is wealth and reform your old ways by committing to healthier habits. Old vices like smoking and weekend drinking sessions with the tropa suddenly become less desirable. You kick out these old habits in favor of healthier ones such as eating a balanced diet and engaging in regular exercise. You also realize the importance of safeguarding your family’s health and well-being by investing in a quality Family Health Plan.

Planning ahead of time

Gone are the days when you were impulsive and did things on a whim. Having kids taught you the importance of planning. Back in the day, you and your friends could decide to go out in a snap. It was so easy to be spontaneous because you only had to think of yourself. Now that you have kids, you have to carefully plan your activities. For instance, what seems like a simple date night with your hubby requires planning since you have to put your kids to bed early and ask a relative, friend, or yaya to watch over them while you’re out. Going on a trip? You have to make a list of essential things that your children need, keep them entertained during the travel time, and check ahead if your accommodation has child-friendly facilities. Planning is important to avoid stress and conflict.

Changing for the better

Motherhood changes you in so many ways and one of the wonderful things about it is learning to put your family before yourself. Your love for the family molds you to be a nurturer and selfless individual. You learn to embrace the shifting of your priorities to ensure your family’s happiness and well-being.