Tamang Alaga - Working to Keep You Healthier

Your medicine and vitamins delivered at your doorstep – FREE SHIPPING and discounts included! Don’t wait to take advantage of these perks exclusive to Medicare Plus members.

What is "Tamang Alaga"?

Tamang Alaga is a partnership advocacy initiated by the pharmaceutical giant, United Laboratories (Unilab). By partnering with trusted healthcare providers like Medicare Plus, Inc., Tamang Alaga extends its reach and further promotes well-being among our kababayans.

Through collaboration and expertise-sharing, beneficiaries (Medicare Plus members) are assured that they are provided with top-notch products and services that they can maximize to help improve their health. These types of partnerships prove beneficial to members by providing the following:

Disease prevention
By providing more affordable medicine options, Medicare Plus members now get discounts that they can take advantage of.
Seamless transactions
No need to go to pharmacies and wait at long lines because Tamang Alaga’s online store is user-friendly and designed with the users in mind. Just place your order and wait for the items to be delivered at your doorstep. Bonus if you catch the FREE SHIPPING PROMO!
Happier and Healthier Pinoys
Who doesn’t like taking advantage of promos, especially for commodities as useful as medicine and vitamins? Through Tamang Alaga’s partnership with Medicare Plus, Inc., members are guaranteed that they’re getting the best out of their membership.



  1. The customer must have an active membership with Medicare Plus to be eligible for all online store promos.
  2. The Medicare Plus member must register at the Tamang Alaga Online Store before he can purchase.
  3. Upon successful registration, the member will be redirected to Tamang Alaga’s online store where they can start enjoying the discounts and privileges stated.
  4. Free Shipping Promo is applicable on all orders nationwide with no minimum purchase amount required. Free Shipping Fee capped at P100. Promo ends on April 17, 2024.
  5. Free Shipping Promo for Metro Manila residents will run starting April 18, 2024. P1,000 minimum order amount required. No Shipping Fee cap.
  6. All promos are valid only when the purchase was made through the Tamang Alaga Online Store.
  7. These exclusive Medicare Plus members’ promos cannot be used in conjunction with other Unilab promos outside the Tamang Alaga x Medicare Plus Partnership.

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